Recently, areas in South London have been growing and gaining in popularity. A lot of people looking to buy a property in London are keeping their eyes on South London as a potentially good investment due to the area flourishing in recent years. Where are the up and coming areas in south London, and why do they remain a great investment?

London is undoubtedly one of the most expensive cities in the UK in which to buy or rent a property and altogether live in. Potential buyers are often put off for this reason alone and some who live in London opt to move out of the city to get more for their money. However, this is not always necessarily the case if you invest in a property properly and in an informed manner. Some areas that are on the rise however, can prove to be a lot cheaper than expected.

Properties in Croydon

It has become more and more commonly understood by property buyers in London that to get more for your money in the capital, you may have to live a little further out and away from the centre; sacrificing a shorter commute for a longer one in order to acquire a sought-after London property.

Croydon is currently deemed to be a viable up and coming area in South London due in part to its excellent transport links into Central London. Croydon boasts 288 trains per day which start from West Croydon and terminate in London Victoria, which itself has great tube links into other parts of London City. This train takes around half an hour to reach Victoria. From East Croydon the train would only take around 9 minutes to reach Clapham Junction.

The suburbs of Croydon have also had a makeover as of late, with properties there now being snapped up quickly by property investors and prospective tenants and residents as the prices do not yet reflect the transformation of the area. There is also an increase in the number of estate agents in London who are now much more keenly covering the Croydon area.

Properties in Clapham

Close to Croydon, Clapham has recently had a facelift with an influx of new restaurants, bars, cafes and shops. It is a perfect spot for people of all ages, whether they are renting a property or buying. Clapham also features the famous 'Clapham Common” offering Londoners a large, communal green space which is something that many may feel they lack in their areas.

Clapham is in London’s very much sought-after Zone 2, but many of the properties, particularly in Clapham South are priced as if in Zone 3. Now remains a great time to make an investment in Clapham, before the prices catch up with prosperity and increasing demand for the area.

Properties in Lewisham

Lewisham has earned its spot of being one of the most up and coming areas in the whole of London as of 2017. It has been hailed as an affordable spot situated in South East London with excellent transport connections. Ever since the establishment of Canary Wharf and the DLR, Lewisham has become more and more popular with city workers and an influx of graduates.

However, the Lewisham area is still very much in development and its full potential has yet to be fully realised, making it a great time to invest in the area. Significant development is taking place with over 800 new homes in the pipeline for the area.

Properties Brockley

Situated in South London between Peckham and New Cross, Brockley is considered a well-located and laid-back borough with a quirky vibe. Brockley has an array of vibrant markets, bars, pubs and restaurants and cafes. There is also a lot of greenery in this area. The transport connections are great, with overground trains directly into Canary Wharf and services into the Central London Bridge.

Properties in Peckham

Long suffering a not-so-great reputation, Peckham is now very much on the rise. The area is being rapidly gentrified and improvements are taking place on a large scale. Despite the new identity attributed to Peckham, while other parts of London saw a rise in the housing market, Peckham was left behind – which makes it a brilliant time to invest. The area is adorned with beautiful Victorian architecture, as well as all new and modern bars, cafes, restaurants and shops.