Hendon, NW4 is a popular residential area nestled away in the leafy North West London suburb of Barnet. Located less than 10 miles from Charing Cross and just a short tube journey away from London’s financial centre and the fashionable West End, Hendon is hugely popular with those looking for a pleasant and convenient place to live (more information) as well as shop keepers and business owners looking for an area with good footfall to set up shop.

Comprising a variety of popular areas including Brent Street and Hendon Central, there is a bit of everything available. Historically, Hendon was a parish of the county of Middlesex and used to comprise a great deal more countryside and greenery. However, whilst much of this has disappeared, there are still areas of Hendon where evidence of a leafy green past is ever present. These include areas such as Hendon Park, Sunny Hill Park and other areas.

Furthermore, there are swathes of the countryside-like areas that are now routinely used as playing fields and sports pitches in the areas of Copthall and in parts of Hendon on the cusps of the Mill Hill area.

The History

One of the earliest mentions of the area of Hendon was in a manuscript record of ‘The Great Survey’ [Domesday] which took most of England and Wales into account. In the survey, the area was recorded as belonging to Westminster Abbey. This survey was completed in 1086 under the instructions of William the Conqueror, where the area is described and named as ‘Hendun’ which literally means ‘the highest hill.’

In 1894 the area became an urban district of Middlesex and in 1932 the area became a municipal borough, later abolished in 1965 to become part of the wider Borough of Barnet, which it has remained a part of ever since.

In the 1860s, he Midland and Great Northern Railways were built, running through the area of Hendon and by around the year 1923 the Northern Line of the tube network finally linked Hendon to Golders Green, Colindale and Edgware which was at the time seen as a great move in connecting adjacent areas.

Notable Places and Attractions

Hendon has a fair amount of attractions, places to go and shops to visit within its realms. The biggest and most popular is Brent Cross Shopping Centre which is a less than 5 minute tube ride from Hendon Central Station and a short bus journey from the North Hendon area. In addition to Brent Cross, there are many shops to be found on Brent Street, providing food, items, gifts and clothing from a range of providers and from around the world.

Hendon Police Training College

Hendon is also home to the Metropolitan Police’s ‘Peel Centre,’ situated on the border with Colindale. This is where almost every serving Metropolitan Police officer will pass through as part of their training and ongoing professional development. Previously a large site with accommodation blocks, swimming pool, playing fields, gym and driving school, the site has in recent times undergone a multi-million pound development with much of the land being sold and the training centre moved to a state of the art training centre in the heart of the facility.

The Royal Airforce Museum

A hugely popular museum and possibly Hendon’s best-known attraction, the RAF Museum is found in the old Hendon Aerodrome and is home to a host of old and new aircraft as well as a multitude of RAF history and memorabilia. The museum is sponsored by the Ministry of Defence and is a registered charity on the UK. As of 2010, the RAF Museum has over 100 different aircraft on show from around the world and from various points in history.