Planning Permission in Edgware, overseen by Harrow Council is required for most properties and their developments or improvements. It refers to the planning consent, granted by the State which legally entitles the owner of a property in Edgware to build on their property, change its use or improve the property through renovations and building works.

All developments whose work has been started after 1947 are bound by the UK’s planning permission laws under the Town and Country Planning Act (1947) and therefore require Planning Permission should they wish to carry out any works or improvements for their property. Planning Permission when granted will specify limitations, maximum and minimum measurements and restrictions for the work ahead.

Works, improvements and developments can only legally commence upon the granting of Planning Permission from the Local Planning Authority (LPA) who have the final say on what permission for which properties is granted and to whom.

If Planning Permission is not granted and the property owner proceeds with the work regardless, the LPA can serve an ‘enforcement notice,’ ordering the owner of the property to undo all of the completed works.

It is therefore very important that required planning applications are made in good time, prior to the commencement of the necessary works or improvements.

It is also of great importance that the applications and submissions to be made are done so fully, accurately and to the best of the knowledge of all parties concerned. This ensures the best possible chances of having Planning Permission granted and works permitted.

Applying for Planning Permission

It is important when applying for Planning Permission that it is done through the accredited and proper channels (via your LPA). Most applications to the LPA for Planning Permission in Edgware are submitted through the secure online portal.

However, it is also possible to apply via hardcopy; by post. Many tradesmen and builders however, are happy to take care of the relevant plans and applications for properties in Edgware that they wish to commence works upon.

While most properties and developments in the Edgware area need Planning Permission for improvements and building works, exclusions to the rule (permitted development rights) do apply for certain property types and developments:

Industrial Premises – this includes warehouses and some dedicated storage facilities.

Demolition Projects – most properties to be demolished do not require any form of Planning Permission. However, if the property is a listed building, for example as in the case of the famous Edgware House which is a Grade II Listed Building, there are special measures and restrictions in place.

Community Right Projects – if a building project is judged to be of benefit to the local community and the community in question fully support the works, Neighbourhood and Community Planning Rules allow for a community to directly grant the necessary permission, circumventing the requirement for formal Planning Permission.
In order to check whether a plot of land, building, property owner or development has ever applied for or been granted Planning Permission in Edgware, Harrow Council have a widely available register of planning records and applications for the locality.

The Planning Permission Process

Once a property owner makes the decision to undertake some improvements or work on a property they own in Edgware, they must make a formal submission and application via one of the LPA’s approved channels, such as via their secure online Planning Permission Portal.

here are a number of projects and renovations whose applications for Planning Permission are made easier by the reality that they are the most popular projects for which Planning Applications are made. These include:

  • Loft conversions and extensions
  • Ground floor extensions
  • Basement renovations, expansions and conversions
  • Porches

Once an initial application for Planning Permission has been made, the LPA will go about assessing and judging the application based on various merits and factors including:

  • Whether the property requires Planning Permission at all
  • The potential impact of the proposed works upon Edgware’s environment
  • The amount of noise that could come from the work and how it may affect the local community
  • How the proposed works would change and/ or benefit the property or land

How Long Does it Take to get Planning Permission in Edgware?

LPAs usually take up to 8 weeks to come to a decision on Planning Permission; granting or rejecting the application for Planning Permission in Edgware.

Once granted, the LPA will set out a number of conditions that must be met in order for the new development to be legally sound. These typically include:

  • Time limits and deadlines on when the works must be completed by
  • That all materials used during construction are approved and of the minimum standard, ensuring quality and safety
  • That the works are carried out in line with the originally submitted plans and drawings