Edgware is situated in the North London boroughs of Barnet and Harrow and is fast becoming an increasingly desirable area. With a variety of different people moving into the area, there is no better time than the present to make the most out of what the area has to offer in the way of property.

From families looking for a larger property to upgrade to, to newlyweds seeking their first step on the property ladder, Edgware has a bit of everything for each and every one. Everything you could possibly want from a neighbourhood and community is easily found and is readily available in Edgware, making it a perfect area for all types of people, families and communities.

Over the past few years and since 1995, property prices in Edgware have remained affordable in comparison with the rest of North West London. However, property prices in Edgware have been steadily increasing. This means that an investment in Edgware for any purpose is a sound investment; keeping you, your family and your investment safe for many years to come.
Such is Edgware’s popularity and the demand for property in the area, that since 1995 property prices across the market have increased by more than 300%.

Average Edgware Property Prices
Source: home.co.uk

What is my Property Worth?

Edgware has a plethora of properties on offer. From detached properties for larger families with large rooms and generous gardens to smaller flats for smaller families and groups to live in, Edgware is a gorgeous area to base you and your family in, no matter the size.

However, for those who already own a property or two in Edgware, there is a great deal of demand in the area which means that the time could be right to sell or rent out your property or properties to an increasingly demanding market. The average value of properties across Edgware reflects the general market trend across North West London and Greater London.

Prices for larger, detached properties in Edgware on average are typically between around £450,000 and just over £1 million. Renting starts in the region of around £270 per week for a standard 2 bedroom apartment, while studio apartments tend to start at around £170 per week.

With property prices on the rise as a general trend across the entirety of London, more and more people are turning to the rental market, meaning there has never been a better time to look into renting out a property in an area as desirable as Edgware.

What Causes House Prices to Rise?

There are a great deal of factors that affect property prices, demand for properties in a particular area and whether or not the prices will rise or fall.

In Edgware, the market trends are pointing towards a general rise in property and rental prices and this is down to various interlinked factors across the board:

Edgware’s Popularity and Demand – being as conveniently located as it is, properties in the area are hot property. Situated less than an hour by tube from the centre of London and just a short drive from leafy Hertfordshire, Edgware’s location is very desirable leading to increased demand in the area.

What’s on Offer – Edgware has everything you could possible need. From bakeries, cafés and restaurants to large brand shops and an attractive broadwalk area, everything is there ready and waiting for you and your family and friends. All the amenities you will need at any time are all there.

Investment in the Area – as investment and developments in the area increase, Edgware has more and more to offer to increasing numbers of people. In turn more people seek to move to the area and demand increases; feeding the demand in the area.

UK Interest Rates – when taking out a mortgage on a property, the bank or interest provider charges interest at a rate set by the Bank of England [interest rates]. Interest rates across the UK are determined by the state of the economy and a number of other factors before being set by the Bank of England. As interest rates rise, so do property prices, as more interest is charged by mortgage providers and lenders.