It’s no secret that the benefits of home insulation are felt for decades after the works are completed. Insulating your home or property is becoming increasingly important. At ABC Estates, we are always happy to help new and existing clients and property owners with properly insulating their properties.

From saving money on bills and wasting less energy to keeping tenants and residents happy as part of a block management project, there are numerous benefits to be felt as a result of home insulation.

These include:

  • Reduction in the chances of developing mould and rising damp
  • Improved Energy Performance Certificates (EPC)
  • Increased energy efficiency throughout the property
  • Increases appeal factor and value of your property
  • Keep tenants and residents warm, comfortable and happy
  • Less reliance on central heating leading to reduced energy costs
  • Increased comfort and better sleep

Insulation of a home or property will typically entail what is known as ‘cavity wall insulation.’ This is where the cavity [gap] between the exterior wall and the interior wall is filled using an accepted material and methodology. Cavity wall insulation is becoming more and more popular throughout London and the UK.

How Long Does Home Insulation Last For?

When installed and performed correctly and to the high standards you should expect, home insulation can benefit you and the property for over 40 years. As part of our great service to our new and existing clients, tenants and leaseholders, we are always happy to help get you the best service available for home insulation.

The efficiency and effectiveness of the insulation though does depend on various factors such as the general climate, how well the property is maintained structurally and the ability to fill the cavities in the walls. The better and more desirable these factors, the better the effects of the home insulation you receive will be.

How is Home Insulation Installed?

The works required may take a few days, but generally it entails a hassle free approach and method from the provider. There are particular materials which are more routinely used than others. However, you can always check with the installer to ensure they are using the correct materials to fill the cavity and/ or insulate your home or property.

Once the suitability of your property is checked and verified, the works will commence. For cavity wall insulation, a number of holes will be drilled in the exterior of the property. Then, the special material that will insulate the property is pumped into the holes, filling the gap [cavity] between the interior and exterior sections.

Insulating a Property – is it for me?

Proper insulation for your home or property is a great way to do your part for the environment by reducing the property’s reliance on fossil fuels and electricity to heat it. Furthermore, your property can look forward to saving around a third of its heat where you want it; inside. Ultimately, home insulation is a very efficient way of improving a property.

The insulation for the property in question can entail a number of additions and improvements. By installing double glazing for example, your property would improve its insulation and heat retention and decrease heating bills by potentially as much as £165 per year.

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