Why you should choose us for your block management?

If your Managing Agent does not:

  • let all owners & tenants know when they will be visiting site,
  • update you on serious arrears action at each stage by email,
  • put site reports, minutes and an audit trail of actions taken online,
  • show you invoices, bank balances, arrears lists and court action online,
  • have recommended solicitors to make light work of breaches and arrears,
  • deliver you a clean balance sheet and get the accounts done on time,
  • provide a reserves plan as part of the fee…..

...then perhaps you should review the service you are getting

If you do not know whether:

  • your service charge accounts are compliant
  • your balance sheet is clean,
  • your electricity is best price,
  • you have an audit trail of implementation from your fire risk assessment,

...then perhaps changing Agent is a priority you need to address

If you are not protected by:

  • a money back guarantee,
  • £1m professional indemnity insurance,
  • calls logged, messages & emails tracked to ensure you proactive service

...then perhaps you could be safer