Site Visits and Site Inspections

Site inspections are carried out by both your Property Manager and our roaming Site Inspectors. You can see online as well as the action items and the audit trail of what we have done. You will receive the agreed number of site inspections as schedule these centrally.

Our Site inspectors review works done on site since the last visit, capture photos, report reactive repairs, health & safety issues, read meters and assess cleaning and gardening standards capturing the visit on their handheld device (PDA). Customers can see the report, photos, action items and the audit trail of our teams closing items down online.

The RICS Code of Practice for Residential Managing Agents defines a managing agent's inspection duty as to:

  • inspect without use of equipment, at least at the frequency agreed, such of the common parts of the Property as can be inspected safely and without undue difficulty to ascertain for the purpose of day-to-day management only the general condition of those common parts.

Site inspections compliment but do not replace the need to periodically instruct a Chartered Surveyor to survey the building and provide a specification for cyclical redecorations and repairs perhaps every 5 to 10 years.

To maintain quality, if a Site Inspector sees the same thing again, they just tick and this automatically escalates the apparent lack of action to their Supervisor. And, to ensure that cleaners and gardeners work harder for us than any other Managing Agent, photos of cleaning or gardening we are not happy with are emailed to the contractors asking them to visit site and improve things.

Customer wishes we have implemented:

  • Linking works orders raised to the site visit report, so you can see we have visually inspected works on site,
  • Emailing both owners and tenants in advance to let people know we are coming to site and inviting items they would like us to look at
  • Showing meter readings we take


Q. What happens between site inspections?

We encourage residents to report things on site so that we can take action as swiftly as possible.

Q. How can we report things to us.

  • Photo it, and email it to
  • Photo it and MMS it to your property manager
  • Contact your Property Manager

Q. How often do you visit site the blocks you manage?

This depends on what is agreed with the Client and depends on the size of the block or estate, complexity of equipment installed and whether you have staff on site. To us what matters most is that all items on site visits get actioned, not that we attend site say weekly and don’t follow up by doing what needs to be done.

As a guide, here’s what we recommend

Sites without staff on site Sites with staff on site
1-10 flats 4 visits
11-25 flats 6 visits 1-20 flats 12 visits
30+ flats 8-10 visits 30+ flats 18 visits
50+ flats 10-12 visits 50+ flats 22 visits
100+ flats 12-18 visits 100+ flats 26 visits
200+ flats 18-26 visits 200+ flats Weekly visits