This block is nestled away in the desirable depths of Finchley Road in Hampstead, NW3. Boasting areas like Belsize Park, Primrose Hill and Chalk Farm, the NW3 area has a certain ‘luxury feel’ to it and this block is no exception.

The Hampstead area is one of the most desirable postcodes in London. Situated a short tube ride away from Central London, Canary Wharf and Camden Town, it is an ideal location for people from all walks of life, working in all industries.

With more and more luxury developments springing up in the area and the surrounding postcodes, it is of great importance that those living in and owning existing flats in the Hampstead, NW3 area are not left behind. Our dedicated block management team were and remain on hand to ensure that this block got the best service available.

There are numerous benefits to living in or letting a flat in the NW3 area and our team continue to ensure that these benefits are fully realised and passed on from us to the lessees and on to the tenants.

Being in such a desirable area, an existing block such as this one poses its own set of unique challenges. These are challenges that our team never shy away from and this case was no different. Applying the traditional principles and modern industry practices that Aldermartin, Baines and Cuthbert have been renowned for over the decades, it is no wonder this block is flourishing.

Our Residential Managing Agents are True Professionals

At ABC, we have proved over the years to be at the forefront of the block management industry. With our team having gained the prestigious ARMA-Q accreditation, we take every aspect of block management seriously and take all parties’ concerns to heart.

This property in Hampstead had various issues; both internally and externally, all of which were required to be worked on simultaneously. Our team took all of these issues in their stride and addressed all of the concerns and bumps along the way from the block’s directors, staff, contractors and tenants; all of whom we worked very closely with to resolve the matters.

One of the main problems the block was facing upon the commencement of our management was the quality of many of the windows. With half the block having had UPVC windows fitted, the other half was left behind in previous times. Working with all relevant parties including the contractors themselves, we were able to ensure that the rest of the property was covered and insulated appropriately.

Removing the remaining ageing wooden framed windows and replacing them with more efficient, warmer and more modern UPVC windows, we got the job done and kept everyone happy and comfortable throughout.

What We Did

Alongside our liaising with the tenants and lessees of the block in question, we worked with the directors to establish what they wanted and how they wanted it done. We also consulted with the industry experts we have close ties to and the contractors and surveyors who we work with so successfully on a regular basis across the whole of Greater London.

We adhered to all Health and Safety Regulations pertaining to residential blocks and ensured that when the windows were upgraded to UPVC, the flats benefiting were fully insulated and taken care of in every way.

We also kept the prices of all of the works to a minimum, which ultimately led to the cost of the UPVC windows’ installation being the same amount it would have cost to repair the ageing wooden frames.

The Results

The results that followed our efficient management of this block in Finchley Road – Hampstead, NW3 surpassed all expectations of all of the parties involved.

As a result of ABC’s block management team and their dedicated work:

  • The value of the entire block and every property contained within it has increased
  • The quality of living for the tenants has been vastly improved
  • Numerous tenants now enjoy better insulated and more heat-efficient flats for their families
  • The block itself looks far more desirable and blends in with the classy NW3 area seamlessly
  • The directors, tenants and lessees all have peace of mind that their interests are looked after by our team of experts and professionals
  • There is always a point of contact for all parties no matter the time of day or night. Our team are there 24/7
  • Yet more happy customers and another block improved by ABC