This block, taken on by our team of block management experts and industry leaders is situated in the heart of suburban North London in the Borough of Barnet.

Golders Green boasts a mixture of different properties including houses, flats, large block developments and small terraced houses.

Located in a quiet leafy street at the edge of Golders Green, NW11 this block was and remains the subject of high demand and remains a popular choice for many.

With Golders Green being just a short distance from popular areas and workplaces including Central London, the west End, Camden Town and Brent Cross Shopping Centre, it was of great importance that this block was managed efficiently and properly.

Furthermore, with many of the properties in Golders Green; block developments and otherwise having been built throughout the 1960s and 70s, there are a series of unique challenges and regulations that must always be faced and adhered to. ABC’s block management team were on hand to ensure that the management of this block of flats was handled correctly.

Problem Solved by the Management Experts at Aldermartin, Baines & Cuthbert

The block in question is a 1960s, purpose built block of flats. There were a number of issues with the property when our management experts took it on. Existing issues ranged from those relating to technicalities affecting the exterior of the block to historical issues that had plagued previous residents, lessees and managers of the block.

A recurring issue with so many of the blocks across Greater London that our block management team take on, is that being residential blocks with a number of flats, many tenants and lessees; everyone has a voice that needs to be heard.

Our block management team are true professionals and always take every voice and view into account. We provide a point of contact for all involved and we are experts when it comes to ensuring everyone’s needs are met, leaving all parties happy, comfortable and satisfied.

What We Did

Our team assessed the entire block from top to bottom and put together a practical, methodical report to take care of all of the said issues. We brought in various surveyors we work with regularly to assess and resolve many of the underlying issues with the block.

Not only were the issues resolved in a timely and professional manner through the hard work and expertise of our team and the surveyors we brought in; but all was done in an efficient and cost effective way. This proved beneficial to all parties and is an aspect of all of the block management services we offer that other agencies simply cannot compete with.

The Results

With our team at the helm, taking control of the block and all of the initial issues that came with it, this block in NW11 has already, since the time of our taking over its management seen numerous improvements including:

  • A marked increase in the value of each flat inside the block
  • An increase in the value of the block as a whole
  • A number of longstanding issues have been solved to everyone’s satisfaction and within health and safety regulations
  • The flats and the block have seen their ‘saleability’ improve as a result
  • Another group of happy tenants and lessees, able to enjoy another expertly managed residential block